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Friday, 7 February 2014

On Wednesday, DG offered up a last minute ticket to see Phoenix at Brixton Academy. This was a welcome offer after a horrible day of travelling on every form of transport to get to and from work – tube strikes suck! I think he was only really offering me a ticket so he had a bed to stay in close to the gig but hey ho, who am I to turn down a free gig ticket?! I did cook him my famous Thai green curry as a thanks – I’ll remember to take photos whilst I’m making it one day to share the recipe with you!

So I don’t really know Phoenix, apart from a couple of their more popular songs but the gig was really good. I love Brixton Academy for its sloping floor which means I actually have a chance of seeing the band rather than just dancing behind some sweaty 6ft men!  

A great night was had by all, we danced, we sang, we waved our hands in the air. Then as a treat we jumped in a taxi and headed to bed.

Sorry for the terrible pics, I am still using my iphone when I really need to invest in a proper camera!

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