Resisting adulthood!

Sunday, 23 February 2014

There was a brilliant article in Stylist this week which literally hit the nail on the head in explaining my life, and my inability to feel like a real life "grown up". Read the article in full here. Thankfully it confirms that I am not alone in feeling like a big kid and it seems we're all in the same boat off to the land of immaturity and avoiding responsibility.

There is one section in particular which really made me shout out at the pages 'Yes, that is me!'

When my friend Sammy told me she was pregnant my first thought was 'oh god, what will she do!?' Surely she'll be thrown out on the streets, disowned by her family and probably made to live in a nunnery before giving her baby up for adoption. But then I remember that a) we are not living in the 30's and b) Sammy is 27, happily married, living in a lovely flat and both husband and wife have stable full time jobs so actually why wouldn't they be having a baby!?

The whole thing still gives me palpitations just thinking about it because in my head we are 15 and gossiping about boys in Mc Donald's. Instead, we are over 10 years older and gossiping about boys in Mc Donald's (or in the case of today's blog, Hache burger restaurant) . At least I now know that you are all feeling the same (those of you who admit it anyway!) and are struggling to refer to your "husband" without giggling or freaking out about the fact that you are managing a team of people at work and they might find out that you don't know what you are doing! Thank you Stylist, I am very grateful.

 Anyway, back to that pregnant hussy (I joke, I joke!!):

Sammy and the bump, and what a fine bump she is!

Me and Sammy made the most of the sunshine on Saturday and met up in Camden for some lunch. We're on a mission to find the best burger in London and started our search with Hache.

Hache has a few locations across London and receives great review for its burgers and the sheer amount of options that it has available.

 Great praise indeed but we'll be the judge of whether you make it into our Top Ten list.  

We both went wild and ignored the wide array of choices and ordered the Steak Au Naturel. Obviously with lots of carby sides, fries AND wedges, plus extra gherkins for the preggo one. You have a choice of buns at Hache, we went for Ciabatta. Brioche just didn't sound right to us.

Hache was quiet when we arrived just before 1pm but as soon as the clock struck one, the crowds of tourists began to arrive. The small restaurant buckles under its popularity and staff were frantically rushing around trying to get burgers served, tables cleaned and the next lot of hungry tourists in.

Unfortunately our burgers were cold when they arrived, not a great start for our challenge to hunt down the best burger. The sides were great though (served in cute little baskets) and the mayo in the burger was really tasty. The ciabatta bun was good but a bit too crunchy for us and far too floury, we were literally covered in the stuff! Sammy had to get her wet wipe stash out, she'll make a great mum. Always prepared! 

Overall the food was ok, the burgers weren't too big that you feel uncomfortably full afterwards. For us though, we're looking for a nice soft burger bun so that was the major downfall.

Service was pleasant enough but not special in any way. We did get some smarties with the bill which almost made us increase our score but we must take our roles seriously and only focus on the burgers so no bribes will be accepted! A cold burger is unforgivable even in the busiest of restaurants so Hache we score you 5/10. I'm afraid you won't be making it into our Top Ten burger list, I'm sure you'll forgive us considering your popularity, maybe we caught you on a bad day.

We went for a stroll around Camden to work off the burgers and make the most of the sunshine. Camden is madness on a Saturday with millions of tourists pouring from the tube station. It is pretty overwhelming, I wouldn't recommend it to the faint hearted. There is music pumping and constant advertising for piercings and tattoos. It's worth a visit if you've never been before but it can be hard work! 

Me at Camden Lock. Big poser.

Some amazing outfit inspiration for next Saturday, maybe I'll buy one in every colour!

A great way to spend a Saturday, having a catch up over lunch with a friend then strolling around in the sunshine. London makes me want to skip with happiness when the sun is shining, if only it would happen more often! Today's activities would probably have been my ideal day as a 15 year old too, a trip to Camden market and a burger. Oh well, resisting adulthood continues.....

Hache -
Cost: £15 p/head for burger and sides with soft drink
Food: Burgers
Address: Various across London but we went to Camden: 24 Inverness Street, NW1 7HJ
Type: Quick bite with friends / Lunch

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  1. I've just come across your blog, this post caught my eye instantly. I think I could win awards for my attempts at resisting adulthood, being immature is a skill. I laughed out loud about your panicky thoughts about your pregnant friend, I recently reacted in the same way and my friend was not remotely impressed. Opps.

    Keep the witty posts coming! x


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