Standard Tandoori: Amazing Service

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

So I finished a productive gym session and was feeling very pleased with myself, then I decided to ruin all that goodness by convincing DG we’d have a curry delivered. There’s a great place called Standard Tandoori on Holloway Road, odd name but luckily the curry is better than standard!

After ordering a long list of naughty treats, I jumped in the shower. I was in the midst of drying my hair when I heard the doorbell. Then I remembered….DG was still at work but had sent me a photo of his bank card and I’d completely forgotten to pay on the phone. I literally had 3 pennies in my purse!

This is where the fun begins…..

I opened the door in quite a state. Just picture a girl with huge hair, and I mean HUGE hair, PJ’s, red face fresh from the gym and a panicked expression! I was mid call to the restaurant begging them to let me pay over the phone but they couldn’t. So I just stood there. Looking at the delivery man. Holding my dinner.

Then miracously he turned into my knight in shining armour (his horse was a new BMW, and I kid you not he was wearing black tie!), and amazingly he offered to take me to a cash machine! I rushed in and threw on the first clothes I could find which was my gym kit (gross), ankle boots and a blazer (No bra, there was no time for that. Oh the shame!). Still with HUGE hair. Yes, I’m quite the style icon!

Unfortunately the only cash machine was on the forecourt of a petrol station which I had to run across in my fancy getup for all to see but by that point I didn’t care as I’d realised that in the panic, I’d left my hair straighteners on. DG would be mad if I burnt his house down! Really mad. Stupidly throughout all this I am trying to call DG for his pin number, only to later realise that I didn't actually have his bank card, just a photo, so unlikely I’d be able to get money out! Luckily I'd grabbed my purse!

As my adventure neared to an end, we pulled up to the house at the same time as DG. He had quite the confused look on his face when a random man started chatting to him and even more so when he saw me waving from the passenger seat.

Phew! Quite an adventure for a Tuesday night! The story ended happily, with me exhausted on the sofa, eating a delicious curry and wishing I had a new BMW.

Thank you Mr Delivery Man, you’re a gent!

Little London Girl x

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