The Incident of the Man Cider

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Today I am suffering and it's through no fault of my own, or so I insist anyway! I'll explain what events occurred to get me in this state then you can be the judge.

So the rugby was on and DG fancied a trip to the pub to soak up the beery atmosphere, I went along for the ride as a spot of day time drinking with the boy is always fun. I was behaving myself or so I thought by drinking cider, they didn't have my usual girly sorts like Kopparberg so I just got a pint of whatever was on tap. Well this is where it all started, nobody explains the difference to you between real man cider and girly flavoured cider so I drank away. 3 pints later I was the chattiest girl in London Town.

DG and I had booked to have dinner at Garufa weeks a go and I was really looking forward to it, so we hopped in a taxi at 8:30pm and merrily went off for dinner. I had been dreaming about the food at Garufa for weeks and had planned to take pictures galore to show off their delicious steak treats but what really happened is I took this pic and then the night was a blur from that point onwards.

DG tells me that I turned from a total chatterbox to being unable to talk at all. I didn't enjoy the meal because I just wanted to sleep and we ended up bringing most of the steak and 3/4 of a bottle of wine home with us. A successful night out all in all! Who wouldn't want a dinner date with me?!

So what's the lesson of the weekend kids....? Real man cider is bad, it must be treated with extreme caution or you will lose your mind!

I would highly recommend Garufa though, and hopefully I'll be allowed to go again one day. Check out their website. It's an Argentinian steak restaurant based in Highbury and they serve up an amazing mixed grill for two called Parrillada Garufa which includes Prime Argentine sirloin steak, fillet steak,  iberico pork, marinated rump, chorizo, black pudding, grilled spiced provoleta and chimichurri sauce. It is honestly amazing and I wish I'd taken a picture to show you. It's a definite treat for your belly! 

I'm off to lie under a duvet and watch the Sopranos now. I hope you agree that the cider incident was not my fault and that I deserve a lot of sympathy and care today. 

Little London Girl x

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