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Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Table for two?

Last night I had the pleasure of spending an evening with Robert, which is quite a treat for any lady. I met Robert a few years ago on my first day at a new job. We clicked immediately and have become great friends.

When I first met Robert I was new to London and didn’t have a clue about the finer things in life but Robert took me under his wing and introduced me to a whole world of possibilities…….but mostly cocktails! He is London's greatest advocate and is out every night of the week gallivanting around town to see the latest offering at the Royal Opera House or judging the newest trendy restaurant, usually before its been mentioned in Time Out.  

I was lucky he found room to squeeze me in to his busy schedule.

We first came to Zetter Townhouse a couple of years ago for cocktails as part of our mission to visit the best cocktail bars in London and from then it has always been in my top 3 cocktail bars. Tonight we decided to revisit for old times sake and to see if it still lives up to the hype I’d created in my own mind.

Zetter Townhouse is based in Clerkenwell, which is Robert’s stomping ground. You could just walk straight past without realising the treats on offer inside but that would be a terrible mistake.

As soon as you step in through the front door it feels like you have been transported to the home of a crazy aunt who lives alone and decorates her house with weird and wonderful things, probably souvenirs from her years of travelling the world as a young girl. Like for example this lovely lady, doesn’t she look purrr-fect in her dress! (sorry, that was terrible!)

(Auntie's Lounge)

We were seated in a cosy corner in 2 big leather chairs and given our menus. There is a choice of about 12 house cocktails and it can be difficult to choose between them.

I went with a Kir Noir – a delicious mix of Pinot Noir cordial and Perrier-Jouet Champagne. Robert chose the Koln Martini - Beefeater Gin and dry Martini with a hint of homemade citrus aromatics.  Recently I’ve been like Goldilocks when its comes to cocktails, some are too sickly sweet and some are too ridiculously strong but my Kir Noir was juuuusssst right. So I had two.
Robert’s cocktail came with a little performance as the waitress squeezed a few drops of the homemade citrus aromatics into his glass. I admit there was a smidgin of drink envy!

The real reason I wanted to come back to Zetter Townhouse is the food. When we first came here I hated olives and I hated anchovies but after trying their deep fried anchovy olives, I was converted.
So obviously we had to order some of those to get us started, as well as everything else on the menu that took our fancy. 

Grilled yoghurt flatbread with white bean hummus and dukkah, toasted seaweed and smoked cod roe sauce (which was excitingly served in a pipette), pork belly in master stock with Japanese mustard and Townhouse rarebit baked spuds.

And for dessert, we couldn’t decide so we ordered them all.

Apple and cranberry crumble, knickerbocker parfait and chocolate tart. Yum yum.  

The crumble was my favourite, so I finished that off whilst Robert ate the other two. What porkers!  

We had a great evening, chatting the night away whilst eating our way through the menu.

The bill arrived, placed in a book which Robert was happy to announce was even older than him. We paid up and went off on our merry way.

Zetter Townhouse is bar food worth travelling for (and very reasonably priced), with some great cocktails to wet your whistle.  Word on the street is that they do a mean afternoon tea so I’ll definitely be back to test that out. Oh and apparently they have a big stuffed kangaroo that wears boxing gloves but I didn’t get to meet him this time (that on its own is worth going back for!).

Zetter Townhouse -
Cost: £8.50 for cocktails - bar snacks ranging from £5-10
Food: Small plates
Address49-50 St John's Square, EC1V 4JJ
Type: Date Night / Drinks and nibbles with friends

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