Give peas a chance!

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Today was my lucky day, not only did I get to meet Jane for dinner and a catch up, I also found £5 on the floor! I was walking up the stairs at Hackney Central Overground and it just blew in front of me. I sheepishly looked around for its owner to come and claim it, then when nobody did and the coast was clear I scooped it in my pocket and skipped off! Happy Days!

I continued my happy skipping all the way to Soho where Jane was waiting, on time for the first time ever. See, it really was my lucky day. We were starving after a day of hard work at the office so we did our best speed walking through the mass of tourists, until we reached Hummus Bros.

This chain of London restaurants was the brain child of 2 college friends who wanted a healthy meal option which was cheap enough to leave change for beers afterwards. When they found there wasn't much available they started their own restaurant and it’s been a success ever since. Check out their website

The whole menu revolves around hummus, glorious hummus. Hence their slogan, Give Peas a Chance. So tonight we decided we would.

The Soho restaurant is small, probably only seating about 50 people max and its a share a big table kind of place. All the main courses have hummus as a base then you can choose what you'd like on top, such as beef, chicken, mushrooms etc. Plus you get a pitta for scooping. We both went for chicken with sides, Greek salad and Tabouleh. 

You just need to forget your British manners in Hummus Bros, leave your cutlery at the side and get stuck in with your hands. It was a perfect meal!

Hummus Bros only serve soft drinks and as it was still early we decided to grab a drink and continue the chatting. Plus I had £5 burning a hole in my pocket! We settled for The O Bar which was just across the road and buzzing with people. Luckily for us, it was still happy hour so I bought a Raspberry Bellini and even got 5p change! 

A great night of catching up with a friend over some hummus. The food reminded us of being on holiday and now that Spring is well and truly making its appearance, there couldn't be a better time to go and visit Hummus Bros. 

Hummus Bros -
Cost: £10 for hummus main, side and drink
Food: Hummus base - good for vegetarians and hummus lovers alike
Address88 Wardour St, London, Soho W1F 0TH
Type: Quick dinner / lunch with friends 

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