Irish eyes are smiling

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

On Sunday over 100,000 people ascended on Trafalgar Square, sporting any item of green clothing they could find, in search of the good craic! St Patrick’s Day is celebrated hugely all across the world and London was not going to let the side down.

Now I’m not one to miss out on any sort of occasion, so I grabbed the girls and headed on down. The sun was pounding as we mingled in with the pale skinned, red haired, freckled crowd, I’ve never felt so at home. Sun cream was a must for about 90% of the crowd I imagine and I had my factor 30 on!

The day consisted of bands, Irish dancing and some clowns climbing up on and jumping off the fountain. I'm sure A&E would have had a few more coming through their doors last night than a usual Sunday.

It was a great day, drinking cider and revisiting my old Irish dancing lessons. My nan would literally have loved it but there's no way I'd get her through all those crowds. She had her own party at home to celebrate though, she's more party girl than me!

Thanks so much for stopping by. I hope you embraced the Irish in you this weekend, I'm sure there's a little bit in all of us!

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Little London Girl xx

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