Little Miss Dean's Big Day Out

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

There’s nothing more exciting than a friend coming to visit for the weekend. Especially when its one of your university friends who you miss terribly, and who is celebrating their birthday! This weekend, Little Miss Dean came to stay and I was too excited for words. 

We planned an ambitious day out of London fun starting at 11am and ending at 3am when we crashed back into my flat with aching feet.

First StopChoccywoccydoodah 

If you haven’t heard of these guys then you need to check them out. They are amazing artists who create the most beautiful sculptures out of chocolate. And excitingly once you crack through the sculpture there is a cake inside. How good is that?

I first came across Choccywoccydoodah during a weekend away in Brighton and was wowed by the cakes. They have a café in the shop which has a whole range of chocolate treats on offer. I was so excited when I stumbled across the London branch, just off Carnaby Street, but every time I have been the queue is huge so we set off early to make sure we got in.

Here's the birthday girl! 

We chose the dipping pot to share and washed it down with refreshing pink lemonade.

Then had a little wander around the shops.

Next Stop: The Monument. We’ve already visited most of the tourist attractions in London but we haven’t climbed The Monument and as the weather was so lovely it seemed the perfect day for a good view.

It was built between 1671 and 1677 to commemorate the Great Fire of London and to celebrate the rebuilding of the City. The Monument has a whopping 311 steps and stands at 61 metres high (202 feet) – the exact distance between it and the site in Pudding Lane where the fire began. Its not often that you get a history lesson on my blog, eh!?

311 steps wouldn’t defeat us, and we started our climb. The view at the top was amazing and definitely worth the effort.

Who needs the Shard when you can come here for £3?

New stop: Boris Bikes. Me and Little Miss Dean love a bike ride so every time she comes to stay we grab some Boris bikes and hit the streets. Today we used them as our mode of transport from Monument to Shoreditch High Street.

Next StopBox Park, Shoreditch. Boxpark opened in 2011 and will be open for 4 years (so not long left). It’s a shopping mall made of shipping containers, creating a venue of low cost and low risk pop up shops.

There was a mix of fashion and food stalls but considering the low cost, low risk promise for the brands, we didn’t see any low cost products that we could actually afford. However the sun was shining and the music was pumping so we still had a good time soaking it all up.

Bunnychow featured in Time Out recently but we were too full after all the chocolate to test it. A good excuse to come back though.

Next Stop: Home for a quick outfit change. Now it was party time! T and Catherine joined us for the next stage in our day of fun. Venue of choice was DSTRCT. It’s a small club in Piccadilly Circus which is expensive! Not one for a cheap night out. Entry is £20 but we managed to sneak in for free, work your lady charms. You are given a rose on arrival by a naked hunk of a man, then a free drink. Plus there were cupcakes for eating everywhere, very strange, but we weren't complaining.

The pictures stop from this point on as we were preoccupied with the dance floor.

As you can see the drunk eyes were creeping upon us!

Hope you all had a great weekend and enjoyed the sunshine. Let me know of any exciting places you've found on your London travels. I would highly recommend The Monument for anyone who has a few £1's in their pocket and can handle 311 steps. Coming down was actually the hardest part! 

Little London Girl x


  1. I loved being a tourist now and again when I lived in London too! Showing someone else how awesome it is makes you love it even more I think.
    I never went up the Monument though, damnit!!
    M x Life Outside London

    1. Well if you come back for a visit then you know where to go and only £3! x

  2. These are great pictures! looks like you had an awesome time!
    lovely blog! :)

    x leah symonne x

    1. Thanks for stopping by Leah! It was a brilliant day out x

  3. WOW I need to go to Choccywoccydoodah!! It looks incredible and as a selfproclaimed chocaholic I feel it is neccesary when I am next in London. I saw your tweet so decided to follow you on Bloglovin' I would love if you could do the same :D. I'm blogging from Spain so if you fancy some sunshine posts then please feel free to read away(! Kisses from Marbella xoxo

    1. I would definitely recommend Choccywoccydoodah for your chocolate fix. I'll head over to your blog now for a look, thanks for following xx

  4. This looks like you had the most fun. Nothing like a fun day out in London with a special friend. I blogged about choccywoccydoodah recently. I love it there. The dipping platters are amazing :-) good choice!

    Hannah x | lovelettersandsnippets

    1. It's so good isn't it? I could easily work my way through the whole menu. Next time the weather is miserable I'm going there for a hot chocolate :-) x

  5. Hi, just to let you know I have just wrote a Liebster award post which will be up on my blog on Monday
    and I have nominated you! Make sure to check my blog on Monday or follow me so that you don't forget!

    Mollie xo

    1. Thanks so much Mollie, I'll check it out!! :-) Very excited!! xx


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