Patty & Bun with Fun & Sun

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Today I met up with the preggo one (Sammy), to continue our quest for the best burger in London. And on our second attempt I think we nailed it! Chosen burger joint of the day: Patty & Bun.  

Patty & Bun lives at 54 James Street, just off Oxford Street. The sun was shining and the queue was pretty long. The waiting list is well managed by friendly, enthusiastic staff. Luckily the turnaround is quick so we only waited for about 20 mins but we didn't mind as we got to soak up some of that rare London sun. We were both starving as I'd come straight from the gym and Sammy had decided to walk the miles from Camden, probably a bad idea with a big baby wriggling in your belly! 

We both ordered the Ari Gold Cheeseburger and a side of chips with rosemary salt. 

The restaurant is very basic and small. They really cram everyone in so its an intimate vibe where you'll end up sharing a table with strangers so you need to be the chilled out type, which luckily we are. All customers were gobbling down their big juicy burgers and seemed very content. Its definitely more of a fast food joint than a place where you'd spend hours chatting over a long lunch. 

No cutlery or plates in Patty and Bun. You just have to roll your sleeves up and get stuck in. 

When you unwrap the packaging, you get this beauty inside!! How good does that look!?

Usually when I have a burger, I spend time dissecting it to remove gherkins, add ketchup etc but this burger was literally perfect. I didn't have to change a thing. Although Sammy was a different story and was crying out for gherkins. That might be the baby's request though. It was cooked perfectly and very messy to eat. Meat juices were dripping everywhere so you need to just accept it, eat up then clean up afterwards! 

We decided we'd give Patty and Bun 8/10, which is an amazing score from us two picky people! Reasons for score deductions: the bun was a bit wet from all the meat juices which ruined it slightly plus the quick service style reduced the score as you felt you needed to eat and move straight on. All in all though, a great burger, amazing Patty and Bun mayo and a reasonable price. The burger isn't too big either so you don't feel uncomfortably full afterwards. We think we might have found our "Number 1 Burger" on our second try, how good are we!?

Patty and Bun -
Cost: £10 p/head for burger, fries and soft drink
Food: Fast food burger joint
Address: 54 James Street, W1U 1HE
Type: Quick lunch/dinner, fast food style 

After lunch and a quick shop with Sammy, I headed over to Putney to visit Claire. Claire has done what every Londoner hopes to achieve and bought herself an amazing flat. I've only been to Putney once to visit Fez Club (a cheesy bar with light up dancefloor!) so it was the perfect opportunity to head on over for a tour from a local and a chance to soak up some more sun by the river. 

There was a rowing competition going on so there were loads of people pottering around, carrying huge boats, taking boats apart, wearing very tight lycra! Unfortunately it was all women though! Putney feels like a seaside town so with all this going on it really felt like we'd escaped London for a day out by the sea. 

We wandered along the river to check out Fulham Palace. There were families and groups of friends out in force enjoying the sunshine. 

These cheeky guys were soaking up the sun from their own private fountain!

Then we went down to nosy around the boat race to see what was happening. Putney is the place to be if you are interested in rowing or if you want to hunt down some rowers!

I've had to include this picture, just because we couldn't figure out how this would ever happen. We ended up in a bar called the Boathouse which wasn't great, then we completely ruled it out from any future visits when we saw this loo! Sort it out Boathouse. 

It was such a fun day out in London. The sun makes everyone so much happier, all the girls are in cute floaty dresses and all the guys have their tops off. What more could you want? Let's hope the sun sticks around for a bit. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Little London Girl x


  1. Patty & Bun truly is one of the best burgers around and I found out yesterday they're opening in Liverpool Street just 5 mins away from my office - that's going to be dangerous.


  2. I've never been to Patty & Bun but as Victoria said, I am excited that they're opening at Liverpool Street, so much closer to me!

  3. I know, I saw this on the website the other day! Even more opportunity to gobble down a burger!! Thanks for stoping by xx

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