Sushi vs. Sticks

Sunday, 9 March 2014

I’ve wanted to share this little gem with you for weeks but there's been so much going on recently that there just hasn’t been the time. I'm conscious of pushing my luck with you lovely readers and bombarding you with too many posts!

So here we go, I’m getting excited just thinking about this place! It’s called Sticks N Sushi. We went to the new restaurant in Covent Garden which has only been open a couple of months, but the original is in Wimbledon. Be sure to book the right one as they are many miles apart!  

I met a tipsy DG in Piccadilly Circus for a pre drinks before dinner. He’d had a day of watching rugby in the pub so was proudly telling me about ALL the pints he’d drank. I feared the night could be déjà vu of the incident of the man cider but luckily it turns out he can handle his drink better than me! After a quick glass of Prosecco, I grabbed my merry DG and headed off to Covent Garden.

Sticks N Sushi is a super trendy Scandinavian restaurant, and with its prime location on Henrietta Street you will be shocked by the sheer size of it. It meets all the requirements of a new trendy restaurant in London: high ceilings, bare brick walls, dark lighting and funky music. The staff are very attentive and know the menu inside out. We had food envy from the minute we sat down so the waiter had to help us choose the best option so we didn’t miss out on anything.

I’d recommend you order one of their set meals because then you get the chance to try a bit of everything. We ordered the “Upgrade” which included everything you could imagine (some sticks and some sushi) but apparently DG  thought that was not enough so we ordered extra sashimi on the side!
The Sushi! 

The Sticks!

We decided that the sushi won, it was delicious. DG even said it was the best sushi he'd ever had and he knows his stuff. I'm pretty new to this world of sushi so I was amazed by all the flavours and textures. Yum!

The Sashimi!

Going out for dinner with a boy who has been drinking all day is a bad idea because they are forever hungry. DG ate 2/3’s of the food but was still hungry, so we had dessert too.

Obviously I was happy to go along with this and they were so amazing that this is the only picture I took! We ordered the four tasters, white chocolate with sweet miso and popped rice, vanilla crème brûlée, chocolate fondant with caramel & hazelnut brittle and matcha green tea ice cream with dark chocolate. The crème brûlée was one of the best that I have ever had.

By the end of the meal and a bottle of wine, my tipsy boy was a full on drunk boy who needed sleep so we headed home. A great night out, Sticks N Sushi is perfect for a long dinner or lunch. Grab some friends and come down for a long afternoon of eating, drinking and chatting. I can't wait to go back.

Sticks N Sushi -
Cost: £40 p/head for huge amounts of sushi, desserts and wine.
Food: Sushi 
Address11 Henrietta St, London WC2E 8PY
Type: Any occasion, lunch, dinner, pay day, rents coming to town, girly lunch, date night, Wednesdays!? 

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Little London Girl x

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