The Ginger Pig

Monday, 24 March 2014

Once upon a cold December evening, me and Jane were tucked up in a cosy pub eating what must have been our 3rd pie that week when we decided enough was enough and a pie promise was made. From that moment on we would only embrace pies for the month of December.

Why such a silly promise you ask!? Good question.

Well we felt that our love of a pie was in fact so great that we were ruining any chance of bikini ready bodies, by filling our bellies with delicious stew wrapped in pastry. But alas there are some rules which are made to be broken and when a Ginger Pig butchers opens a stones throw from your bedroom window..literally, then it is a sign from a higher force not to be ignored.

Here they are, my lovely new neighbours. And don't they look handsome. Ginger Pig butchers are located in various trendy spots across London, but now we are lucky enough to have one in Clapham. They provide meat to the best restaurants, notably Hawksmoor, who potentially need to partially thank Ginger Pig for their title of "the best steak restaurant in London".

I love the look of the shop, very classy. I'm always a bit intimidated going into a butchers on my own, surrounded by all that meat and not quite sure what to ask for. Or what if when told the price it is ridiculously high and you don't want to show yourself up so you just pay anyway. On my few visits to the Ginger Pig they have been so friendly and welcoming and the price has been very reasonable. You can ask them for cooking advice too which is a real bonus.

The Ginger Pig doesn't just sell raw meat, they have a deli counter (which holds the pies!) and they also have chutneys and other delicious looking treats.

On my recent trip I took myself straight to the deli counter, I knew what I was looking for. A Beef Bourguignon Pie, which are huge for the value price of £5.50. I couldn't have been more excited!

Look how delicious it is!! I cooked it for 30 mins at 180 degrees. I was clock watching the whole time as the tempting red wine and steak smells escaped from the oven.

And then it was ready!! 

One quarter for me......

And 3 quarters for DG!

It was 10/10 as pies go. Crunchy pastry, not soggy in the slightest and delicious meat inside. 

I think the Ginger Pig is definitely worth breaking the pie promise for but next time I'd better share it with Jane so I don't feel so bad! They are most definitely not healthy!  

Little London Girl x


  1. Wow, that looks amazing, off to the pig I go to get one :)

    1. I've heard the beef and Stilton one is a winner :-)

  2. Butchers can be great; it's important to feel comfortable when ordering meat! Some of them are really friendly and it's so good to know that you're in the right hands. A deli counter is definitely a bonus!


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