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Monday, 3 March 2014

This is one of my favourite ways to spend a Saturday morning. I meet Catherine at Fitness First, bright and early for Body Combat, which I love! Then when we've kicked and punched every ounce of energy from our bodies we go for lunch. What could be better? Guilt free gluttony. 

This week, after combatting we grabbed Liz and headed off to Vivo on Upper Street to test out their menu. I've often looked into the window of Vivo from the top of the 43 bus and wanted to venture inside and today was my chance. We grabbed a table and headed straight to the counter see what was on offer.

There was a huge selection of food to choose from, starting with breakfast pastry's through to amazing looking salads, pizzas and lasagne. The food is all cooked and ready to go so service is quick which is ideal if you are starving like us. 

The girls chose this yummy parma ham, rocket and mozzarella focaccia sandwich. 

I went with the sausage and mushroom pizza. 

The real draw to Vivo is the cakes and they have many to choose from. Catherine got a detailed description of each one before making her decision. The staff here are so lovely that the waitress didn't mind at all. 

How can you choose!?

Me and Liz were very excited with our cakes!

 Catherine finally decided on this Limoncello meringue treat! We had a taste of each others and they were all equally as good, so no food envy thankfully! 

This was my choice and I was so happy. I want another one right now. 

  The girls were jumping for joy at finding our new lunch time hangout! 

I'd highly recommend Vivo for a quick lunch at the weekend, and of course if you ever fancy a cake then it's the place to go. I'll be back for sure. Bonus points for lovely staff and funky toilets. There's a roof terrace upstairs so this is where you'll find me lunching in the summer. 

Next stop......shopping.

Vivo -
Cost: £10 for lunch and a drink
Food: Italian food 
Address: 57-58 Upper Street, Islington, N1 0NY
Type: Lunch / Good quality food served quickly 

Little London Girl x


  1. Oooh I love your blog, and fab pictures - gonna follow you straight after this post :) And look forward to reading more :)

    Life as a Petite

    1. Thanks so much Ting Tang, really appreciate the support. I'm off to check out "Life as a Petite" right now x

  2. This looks like a lovely little place! Great post xx

    1. It was such a great place. I'd definitely recommend it if you are in town and fancy cake! x

  3. I live just down the road from Upper Street so I will definitely being checking this gem out, great blog!

    1. I'm sure you won't be disappointed. Might see you there! x


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