Burger and Lobster

Monday, 7 April 2014

A few weeks ago me and DG had a standard stressful shopping trip on Oxford Street and ended up in a strop deciding to give up on the whole thing. We plonked ourselves down in a bar and after a bottle of wine we thought we may as well make a night of it and go for dinner…..
so we took ourselves straight off to Burger and Lobster.


This is the best option after a stressful day as it makes everything so simple. 
No menus to be seen and 3 choices on offer, all costing £20:
Lobster roll

We went to the Farringdon branch to try and avoid the queues as the Burger and Lobster chain is a “no booking” affair. Everyone in London obviously decided to copy us as the place was heaving. Luckily you can give your phone number to the hostess and take yourself off for a drink elsewhere, or at the bar, whilst you wait.

After a quick (30 min) wait we were back in the door and seated. 
Our waitress was lovely, very friendly and seemed to genuinely love her job.

She ran through our 3 options but for us there was only ever one choice, so it was lobster all the way. Unfortunately she mentioned to DG that you can order a jumbo lobster (priced by weight) to share so obviously we had to do that. No food envy will ever be experienced at a table where DG is eating!

Happily the cocktail menu is extensive enough to meet most tastes. I chose an Abfab – Absolut peach Vodka, lemon verbena, rose wine and redcurrants. It was so refreshing and tasty that I literally could have guzzled them all night but at £9.50 a pop I thought I’d better settle with one.

Our deep sea delight was massive, we had him steamed with garlic butter served with unlimited portions of side salad simply dressed with parmesan and balsamic vinegar glaze and chips.

This is the closest you'll get to a photo of DG! Spoilsport!

Lobster eating is messy so you even get a glamorous plastic bib as a fashion accessory. 
I wore mine with pride!

Burger and Lobster is a great choice for a night out. The atmosphere is buzzing and staff are friendly. I’d always stick to the lobster though as a burger needs to be pretty amazing to justify £20.

If you are squeamish then don’t innocently check out the glass tanks around the restaurants, they are not for decoration. That’s where your dinner used to live!

Burger and Lobster -
Cost: £30 p/head for half a lobster with sides and a cocktail
Food: Burger or lobster
AddressVarious across London
Type: Dinner with friends 

Little London Girl x


  1. Not a lobster fan but that cocktail looks amazing!

    Jenna || Jennafifi.co.uk

    1. It was really good! Worth going there just for the cocktails if you're not a lobster lover! x


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