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Sunday, 13 April 2014

It's not every day that one of your besties gets engaged and when it happens its a call for BIG celebrations. I was so excited for Hann and Col that I wanted to shout about it from the rooftops, and so I thought 32 floors up the Shard was a good place to start. Unfortunately the beaut of a ring was back in Hatton Garden getting altered so it didn't get to come along for the ride! But I got to meet him later on in the day and oh boy, he's a stunner.

Good work Col!

I hugged Hann, jumped up and down excitedly for a bit then we jumped our way into the lift which shot us 32 floors into the air. We went to the Hutong bar which is oriental themed with dark wood furniture and Chinese lanterns. I've heard the food here is amazing but we were here on a cocktail mission so the food will have to wait for a future trip.

The cocktails looked delicious and it was a struggle to choose. They are all priced at around £12.50 which seems a bargain when you consider it costs £25 for a trip up the Shard. 

This way you get a drink and a view! 

What a view!

 This cocktail was gin based with dragon fruit amongst other things but I can't remember what they were now. I was too busy drinking and taking photos of the view! It was amazing and so refreshing for a day time drink. We'll be trying to recreate it for the next BBQ.


One lovely engaged lady! 

 Here's my happy face! Not only is Hann engaged but I had half day off work and I had a cocktail in my hand! What more could a girl want!

The view from the toilets, not bad eh!?
We had a great time at Hutong and the cocktails were amazing. I'll definitely be back again to sample a few more and some of the food.
When we'd finished our drinks we set off to Hatton Garden to pick up our shiny friend.

The next stop was Radio Rooftop bar in the ME hotel on the Strand, and look what cheeky scamp came to meet us! Ali hadn't heard the engagement story in detail so it was time for us all to get over excited for the millionth time that day whilst Hann told us all about it.
It's a brilliant one but you'll have to ask her if you want it to hear it! 


Radio Bar is expensive, even more so than the Shard due to its location. The menu, as cocktails go, isn't great and the cocktails tasted more like something you'd expect from Adventure Bar or B@1 than a swanky, expensive hotel bar. 

Radio Bar is a nice enough bar with good views but the service from staff was limited. I'm not sure I'll go back as there's much better cocktail bars in London for a cheaper price and better service. If you want a drink with the view then definitely head to the Shard, we'll be trying Aquashard next.

The afternoon continued very much the same, cocktails and gossip until it was late and the girls had to head for their trains home. We had such a great day celebrating, I hope we get to celebrate the engagement for at least a couple more months!

Congrats Hann and Col, I can't wait to be a part of your special day!

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Little London Girl x


  1. Oooh the dragon fruity one looks pretty damn tasty! And much better than forking out a dry £25 just to climb up there.
    What a great way to spend a cheeky day off work.
    M x Life Outside London

    1. Exactly! We're all about finding a bargain! x

  2. Those cocktails to divine! Never thought of putting dragon fruit in one before, wow!
    Massive congrats to Hann! :)

    1. If a cocktail doesn't have dragonfruit in it from now on I'll be disappointed! :-) Ahh thanks, I'll pass on the congrats xx

  3. sounds like an expensive day!! i've wanted to go to radio bar for ages, so shame it's not all that

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