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Friday, 11 April 2014

Catherine, Liz and I are a crafty bunch! Not in a sneaky devious way, but in a sitting down for hours making home made cards kind of way. So last weekend we were excited to be heading off to a jewellery making class run by the lovely ladies at Stones of Isis
It was an early start but we didn’t care because the course was based at the Biscuit Factory in Bermondsey! We were intrigued and our minds were in overdrive imagining a Charlie and the chocolate factory / McVities paradise. 

All hopes were dashed when we arrived here……

Oh well, no biscuits for us. We headed inside to meet our teachers for the next few hours. We chose the “Introduction to Jewellery Making” course which focuses on techniques to make 2 pieces of beaded jewellery. We immediately plunged into all the pots of beads to choose our colours!

It was much harder than expected and so out came our concentration faces and creative hats. We had to use pliers to bend and cut wire around fiddly beads to design our bracelets. We soon got the hang of it and started racing each other to get beads onto wire. 
Liz crumbled under the pressure and was pinging bits of wire all over the place.

Catherine is a super baker and came with cake to make the morning even better. 
It was so delicious; I’d gobbled half of it before I remembered to take a photo.

I made this! (the beady one, not the Links of London!)

Once we’d proved that we understood what we were doing, the Stones of Isis ladies tested us by getting us to make earrings whilst drinking champagne! Obviously I was completely ready to take on that challenge.

 I blame the alcohol for my earrings breaking within 2 seconds of putting them in their little bag! 
Luckily, I could use my new found pliers skills to fix them. 

We were done by lunch time so headed off to London Bridge for some food in the sunshine, proudly modelling our new creations.

I’d recommend a jewellery making session for any of you crafty folk out there. 
Stones of Isis provided all the materials and tea/coffee, biscuits and bubbly. All you need to do is grab your creative hat, a couple of friends and head on down.

p.s. Keep your eyes peeled for discount sites like groupon offering special deals.

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