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Tuesday, 15 April 2014

It was time for a catch up with Sammy and Robert, so as we are little porkers who love a good feast, we decided to head to Porkys in Camden Town. Porkys is following the recent trend for Southern US BBQ joints that has hit London. I’ve been eyeing this place up for months so was happy to finally have an excuse to get my greedy chops down there.

When I joined them at 6pm; Robert was already in full swing, chatting away with a cocktail in hand. Sammy is still on softies but not for much longer as baby is due to be making an appearance early May! 

As always with London restaurants these days, there's a no booking policy at Porkys but the joint didn't get busy until we left just past 7pm so you'll be ok if you get there early. The atmosphere is a friendly low key vibe with old skool crooners like Johnny Cash and Elvis decorating the walls.

The menu, as you can probably guess is focused on pork. Porkys is famous for it's pulled pork and ribs. The menu isn't huge but there's enough to make it a really tough decision. 
I was torn between three: pulled pork, ribs and the burger. 

I hate getting food envy so it’s always an anxious wait after ordering for the food to arrive!  

I’m completely obsessed with anything served in white and blue enamel so imagine my happiness when this bad boy arrived.

I think the best word to describe these ribs is......PHWOAR!!!

Sammy went with the burger which was served plain but delicious (yes, slight food envy) . Robert is all about constant nibbling rather than eating large meals so he chose a starter sized portion of mac and cheese. Doesn't it look good!

The ribs had a hickory smoked flavour, with a beautifully sweet and sticky BBQ sauce. It had a bit of a kick to it too. As did the chips that we ordered as a side, Sammy thought it was all a bit too spicy but she’s a wimp!

We gobbled it all down and I was a complete mess by the end with BBQ sauce all over my face. 
Sammy had to get her wet wipes out to clean me up. 
But that's the only way to really enjoy ribs I think!

Porkys is the only choice for a BBQ feast in Camden Town, especially as its so reasonably priced. I'll be back again to try out the burger as my sources tell me its pretty good!

Porkys -
Cost: £15 p/head for main with sides and a soft drink
Food: Pork based BBQ food
Address:  18 Chalk Farm Road, Camden, NW1 8AG
Type: Dinner with friends – no bookings


So obviously that wasn't enough food for us little porkers so we decided to head for some ice cream. 

A scientific twist on an ice cream parlour, Chin Chin Labs is the height of trendy, located near the bridge by Camden Lock. They make ice cream before your very eyes with billowing clouds of liquid nitrogen. The flavours change on a weekly basis and the creamy smooth texture is delicious. I chose the blueberry marshmallow, Robert the Pondicherry vanilla and Sammy went all out and ordered the Brown-wich. 

They really go to town with this interesting concept and the whole place is kitted out to look just like a science lab, including test tubes and glass beakers filled with tasty treats.

It’s not every day that you get to choose an ice cream which is then made fresh to order in a few minutes in front of you. I can imagine the queues are huge in here at the weekend but luckily we got in just before closing time so we were the only customers and had a great view of the process.

Here's what I learnt - you pop in all the ingredients.

Then add the liquid nitrogen to work its magic. 

You choose your toppings - I had grilled white chocolate. YUM!

Then voilà, a masterpiece is formed! 

That's one pretty fine Brown-wich! 

We were definitely full after our ice cream, so we rolled ourselves along to the tube and had a little snooze on the way home!

Chin Chin Labs-
Cost: £3.95
Food: Nitro Ice Cream
Address: 49-50 Camden Lock Place, London, NW1 8AF
Type: Delicious ice cream

I'd highly recommend you get yourselves down to Camden Town to try out these places pronto! Enjoy! 

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  1. WOW! This all looks so good. I'm hoping to move to London soon and this has inspired me even more!!

    Daisy - Daydreaming x x

  2. Wow, both these places look amazing! I love the idea of liquid nitrogen ice cream! :D

    The Oxford Owl


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