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Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Its always cool to be late to the party but sadly with Meat Liquor I am unfashionably late!

If you’ve read my blog then you’ll probably know that I’m a huge fan of a big plate of meat; whether its steak, burgers or ribs, I’m there, getting stuck in. So it was only right that I finally headed off to Meat Liquor to try out their burgers.

I hadn’t see Jane in ages as she’s been snorkelling her way around the Red Sea and tanning for the past 2 weeks. Lucky thing! So I dragged her along to Meat Liquor for some meat, some liquor and some gossip. Notorious for its queue, we tried our luck on a Friday night, crazy girls that we are!

Here’s the view that greeted us.

Meat Liquor operates like some sort exclusive VIP club which felt a bit over the top for a burger joint. There’s a big security guard / bouncer who stamps your hand to make sure there’s no queue jumping and the walls are covered in rules about what is and isn’t allowed. Rules on a Friday night do not make me happy!

We made it in the door within 30 mins so we thought we must be really lucky. Then when we were inside we realised that the queue just continues but at least you are inside and can prop up the bar. The vibe of the place is like a nightclub, its dark with pounding music and a crammed bar. Cocktails were ordered to make the wait a bit more interesting. We thought they were overpriced for what they were but they did the job.

The system for seating you is just walking around the bar shouting your name so make sure you listen out or you’ll be there all night. We were seated by 8:10pm (45 min wait altogether) which wasn’t a bad wait at all for a Friday night.

I ordered the meat burger – burger grilled in butter served in a bun grilled in butter. Basically a heart attack grilled in butter. Jane had the chilli dog – smoked pork frankfurter topped with meat chilli, cheese, onions, jalapeños and mustard. For sides we chose the enormous onion rings and a generous portion of fries. The food is served on a platter which is slightly too small to share across a table so be prepared for a tug of war!

Unfortunately we were sat in a bit of a dark corner of the restaurant without much atmosphere. Jane’s chilli dog was extremely spicy and it was so dark that we had to keep taking photos to actually see the jalapeños that were piled high then scraped to the side.

My burger was good, it tasted nice and juicy but I wouldn’t rave about it. If you want a burger to make you go “WOW” then head to Patty and Bun which is just down the road.

For me, the whole experience felt like a bit too much hard work after a long week in the office (which makes me feel old). It was too busy at the bar so you keep spilling your expensive drink then you spend the whole time shouting as the music is so loud (again, feeling old). If you are in a party mood and fancy eating in a nightclub then head down but definitely do not come here for a first date!

Meat Liquor -
Cost: £20 p/head for main with sides and a cocktail
Food: Burgers / Hotdogs
Address:  74 Welbeck St, London W1G 0BA
Type: Quick dinner – no bookings

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  1. I was not a fan of Meat Liqor at all, for pretty much all of the reasons you listed above!! I like my dinner with chat and I like my nightclubs without the overpowering stench of beef... the best bit for me was the free onion rings and blue cheese sauce we were given whilst in the queue.
    I think I'm definitely too old for this nonsense. Probably because I use words like 'nonsense'! Give me Patty and Bun any day.
    M x Life Outside London

    1. Yes, glad you feel the same! I thought I was the only person who didn't think it was a brilliant trendy idea! Patty and Bun all the way :) x

  2. would like to go, but that queuing system sounds annoying

  3. i love your pictures. there are soo beautiful :) but its making me HUNGRY !



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