Pig and Butcher - a great roastie!

Wednesday, 30 April 2014

The Pig and Butcher has been high on my list for a roast dinner for quite some time. As I’d behaved myself all weekend and not spent much money I thought it was only fair to allow a treat of a roast potato or two. DG came along for the ride as he can’t resist a meal out, especially if meat is involved.

The Pig and Butcher occupies an attractive pub on Liverpool Road, Islington, built in the mid 1800's. Once inside it has a very cosy cottage feel with wooden benches and rustic style ornaments, it’s a great atmosphere for a Sunday lunch. A huge bull’s head overlooks the dining room to keep an eye on diners and make sure you are behaving yourself.

I suspected the portions would be huge, and I was right, so chose to go straight for mains. 35 day-aged roasted Hereford Sirloin for me and roasted leg of Speldhurst Farm Lamb for DG. All the roasts come with a huge Yorkshire pudding, roast potatoes, creamed leeks and vegetables.

I usually think that nobody can cook a roast potato as well as me, that’s BIG bragging right there. However the Pig and Butcher did me proud, they were very crunchy on the outside and fluffy in the middle. Considering how busy the restaurant got during our lunch this was very impressive, I’m sure even MY roastie standards would falter if I was serving to over 30 people.

I really enjoyed my lunch at the Pig and Butcher, the meat was cooked perfectly and the Yorkshire pudding was stomach-satisfyingly massive. You can never have a Yorkshire too big I think. I’d highly recommend a trip to Pig and Butcher to get your meat and 2 veg fill on a Sunday.

I was stuffed afterwards so a stroll home followed by a nap was all I could manage. The best way to spend a Sunday.

Pig and Butcher -
Cost: £20 p/head for a large roast dinner and soft drink
Food: Gastropub
Address: 80 Liverpool Rd, London N1 0QD
Type: Lazy lunch / dinner with friends  

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  1. This looks fantastic, I need to find somewhere great for Sunday lunch in London, sadly there's nowhere local to me that really does anything worth going out for.


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