Bouldering @ Urban Ascent

Friday, 16 May 2014

The best thing about this blogging malarkey is being encouraged to try new things. And last weekend I found myself a new hobby. Bouldering!

Climbing wall at Urban Ascent

Bouldering is basically rock climbing, but without any ropes or harnesses to stop you from falling. I’ve wanted to try it for a while now but couldn’t find anyone crazy enough to join me. Then a voucher popped up on Groupon for a £12 beginner’s session and Catherine said she’d be keen for it. So at the weekend we went along to Urban Ascent in Palmers Green for some climbing adventures.

First job is signing your life away. You know you are about to do something fun when you have to sign a form to say “you understand that failure to exercise due care could result in your injury or death?” And “you understand the sport may lead to fractured limbs and sprains”. 

Woohoo, where do I sign…..

We squished our feet into the ridiculously uncomfortable climbing shoes and got ready for our lesson.

Urban Ascent is a state of the art climbing centre offering walls up to around 4 metres tall with over 100 problems and some overhangs for the braver climbers. The floor is covered with thick mats to help cushion any falls, but the prospect of falling from 4 metres high is still terrifying!

The staff made us feel instantly at ease and our instructor started us off gently with some horizontal climbs, then when everyone felt confident enough we started the beginner’s wall.

Feeling confident.....
Now where??
Climbing up wasn’t too difficult at first but it’s when you look down to work out your route back to the ground that you get shaky legs and sweaty palms. Luckily there are bags of chalk available to help keep the grip in those sweaty hands.

We gradually made our way along a selection of different routes and walls, getting slightly harder each time. Some of the walls completely overhang and we attempted one of them but couldn’t even get out of the hanging position! Gym sessions will be focusing on upper body strength from now on.

Hey is that Spiderman!? No it’s just me, silly!
Our instructor ran up the walls like it was the easiest thing ever, we’re aiming to get that good one day. After an hour and a half we were exhausted and couldn’t seem to get rid of our shaky legs so we called it a day before we ended up crashing to the floor from a dizzy height!

I would recommend Urban Ascent to anyone looking for a fun activity or a new exercise routine. It felt like a full body workout and definitely got our adrenaline pumping. You feel such a sense of achievement each time you get to the top of a wall then complete relief to get your feet back on solid ground again!

 For those of you with children, Urban Ascent would be a great venue for a birthday party. On our way out there was a party starting up and they were all kitted up in helmets and looked like they were having the best fun. I might even go for my next birthday!

We’ve decided to be bould (get it!?) and keep it up to get stronger and see if we can actually get ourselves out of the overhang position. And bonus is now I can say that I have a real life adventurous hobby!  

Check out Urban Ascent's website here.

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Have a great weekend! 

Little London Girl x

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