London's seaside cafe - Bonnie Gull

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

A seaside cafe in the city. 

Bonnie Gull is an ode to the faded glory of British seaside towns. Originally starting out as a pop-up in an old Hackney pie and mash shop, the guys (Alex Hunter and Danny Clancy) behind the idea expanded after a year, opening in Fitzrovia with their first permanent site. In April this year they opened their second restaurant, this time in Exmouth Market. As it was a Friday we thought it it seemed the perfect time to test out the new site and their fish and chips. 

The restaurant is nautical themed and gives a real vibe of being in a seaside café, with lots of blue and white, rope work on the wall and an old fashioned juke box at the entrance. We put our names down for a table – 30 minute wait which is quick for a Friday night in London – and headed to the pub for a sneaky drink. 

Bonnie Gull aims to offer seafood which is accessible, affordable, simple, fresh, responsibly sourced and 100% British. The menu changes daily depending on that morning’s catch.

The staff are very friendly and as soon as we were seated we were sold the Fish House Punch as being a fresh boozy lemon drink which goes well with fish, so obviously we thought it would be rude not to.

Fish Punch: Santa Terresa Gran Reserva Rum, Louis Royer Cognac, Apricot Brandy, Lemon Juice, Sugar. These would be too easy to drink on a warm Summer's day!
Due to the restaurant being slightly dark and DG forgetting his glasses I had the fun of reading every item on the menu to him. 

DG started with the beer battered queenies, smoked paprika and cocktail sauce. Queenies, in case like us you don’t know, are scallops and they were tasty. I didn’t risk a starter as I had my heart set on the fish and chips and I knew they were going to be big.

DG spent an age choosing between the Cockney Po Boy roll and lobster roll for his main but sadly, to the great embarrassment of our waitress, they’d sold out of both. So he quickly settled for the crab roll whilst they still had some left.Fresh picked crab roll with pickled cucumber.

The rolls are pretty small so most guys will need two to be full.

To call it fish and chips would be underselling it: Beer battered North Sea whiting, beef dripping chips, scraps, mushy peas. As a nice touch, it was served in paper to give an authentic feel. It was a huge feast and I ate every bit of it, DG was hoping for some scraps but there was nothing left.
Tasty, crunchy batter, mmmm!

Overall a good meal, in a nice authentic beachy feel environment which is very reasonably priced. I’d like to go back again to try a few more bits on the menu.

Bonnie Gull -
Cost: £22 p/head for main with fish punch
Food: Seafood
Address: 55-57 Exmouth Market, EC1R 4QL
Type: Upmarket seaside cafe

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  1. I absolutely adore seafood and this place looks divine. Come check out my foodie blog posts over on I have a couple coming up all about seafood on the beach in Spain! Yum x

  2. Adorable little café! I would love to try it out. I love your blog, the style is and content are wonderful.

  3. Made me really hungry! I might just have seafood for lunch! :)



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