Croatia Island Hopping

Thursday, 24 July 2014

There's nothing better than a girly holiday with your besties. You all pack up as much make up, shoes, bags and jewellery as you can squeeze into your suitcase then head off into the sunshine for a big wardrobe share fest.

Ali and Hann are the type of friends that you can be locked in a dark room with for a week and still have the best time so I knew that our little trip to Croatia was going to be pretty special. There were moments of laughing till we cried, sleepwalking antics, an abundance of new friends (mostly with 4 legs) and too many beautiful sunsets to even describe.

Our itinerary was set: Split to Hvar to Korcula to Split = 7 days of frolics.


After a VERY early and bumpy flight we bounced along the runway into Split at 10am and headed straight to the port for our 11:30am boat. Sadly the boat only existed online and in reality it wouldn't be arriving until 2:15pm. Sad face. 
This called for cocktails to while away the hours. Happy face.


Questionable ingredients in the Sex on the Beach! 

One happy Ali.

Eventually the boat came and we boarded, top deck, to catch some rays. 
Then this happened.....

A blustery, cold and miserable rain storm with thunder and lightening aplenty. A very bad start to the holiday.

Storm Selfie.

When we eventually arrived in Hvar, 3 hours later, we were drowned rats and feeling a tad miserable. That was until Marija came to our rescue and brightened our day.

We'd booked to stay at Pansion Dela, a family run apartment with 7 cosy rooms just outside of Hvar Town. Marija runs the place with her 2 sisters and parents, and they were the friendliest bunch ever. It immediately felt like home.   

Marija assured us the rain was extremely rare and that the sun would be shining at Pansion Dela (luckily she was right). She sat us by the pool, filled us with home-made sherry and transformed us into 3 very happy travellers!

After such a long day of travelling there was only one thing for it.



Refreshed from a poolside power nap, we woke up to rumbling bellies. Marija offered to book us into her friend’s seafood restaurant, Restorant Vartal which we jumped at the chance at. 

We got dolled up and headed on down into the town, without quite realising what a treat we were in for.


Here's some of our favourites:

Prawns cooked in white wine and garlic sauce.

Croatian bread is so soft and delicious - perfect for soaking up the garlic sauce. 
Mmmm stinky!

Greek Salad with capers

Deep fried calamari

I'd highly recommend a trip to Vartal if you visit Hvar, the prices are much more reasonable than the rest of town and the food is out of this world.
We stuffed ourselves with delicious prawns until we stank of garlic and merrily headed off to our beds with high hopes for the rest of the holiday. Tomorrow would be all about the pool.

Check back soon for the next instalment in our girly adventure.

Little London Girl x

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