What a tart!

Monday, 7 July 2014

The sun is shining and the boys have their tops off at every opportunity so its time to do as our Mediterranean neighbours do and get eating alfresco style. Here's an easy (and super cheap) recipe that you can rustle up, quickly on the sly, when friends come over then get yourself back out in the garden and pretend you've been slaving away all day! 

Summer tart

Summer tart recipe

Puff pastry
Goats Cheese
Few tomatoes
Mixed sweet peppers
Balsamic Vinegar

Get your oven heating up to 220 degrees. 

Roll out the puff pastry on a sheet of baking paper.

Next grab your goats cheese and smear it it all over the pastry leaving a little border so it can puff up.

Summer tart recipe

Slice up your tomatoes and peppers however you fancy then spread evenly over the top. Make sure you season generously with salt and pepper and a few glugs of balsamic vinegar.

Summer tart recipe

Pop in the oven for 20-30 minutes and voila! A summer tart. 

Summer tart recipe

This recipe is so simple and you can use whatever ingredients are your favourite. I’ve made one for a work lunch with pesto and cherry tomatoes which went down a treat. 

Summer tart recipe

BLT salad
This is my go to salad for all BBQs from now on. It includes my 2 favourite things bacon and avocado, but you can leave out the bacon if you are being healthy or nice to animals.

BLT salad recipe

3 rashers of bacon
A few tomatoes
Lettuce (Romain hearts)
Large ripe avocado
Balsamic vinegar
Olive Oil

Grill your bacon until it’s crispy. I did the whole packet so I could make BLT sarnies for my lunch the next day.
BLT salad recipe

Whilst you are waiting, grab a nice big bowl and cut up all the salad into bite sized chunks.

BLT salad recipe

To make the dressing, pour two glugs of olive oil in a cup with one glug of balsamic vinegar. Squeeze in the juice of the lemon.

BLT salad recipe

When your bacon is smelling delicious and looking crispy.
Pop a few bits in your mouth as a reward for doing all this hard work.

Then chop the rest and chuck it in the salad.

BLT salad recipe

Sprinkle feta on top. Feta is my weakness so I used a lot!

BLT salad recipe

Pour over your dressing and give it a big old mix.

Now sit down and eat it all or if you are feeling kind then share it with friends.

BLT salad recipe

BLT salad recipe

I grilled up some lamb kebabs and served my BLT salad with the summer tart, some pitta and hummus.

Its the perfect type of Mediterranean feast where everyone can get stuck in, chatting over each other and enjoying the sunshine. 

Little London Girl x


  1. It all looks soooo good!


  2. Two questions please!! I'm not the biggest fan of goats cheese, any recommendations for an alternative?? (would pesto work?!) and also is there a recipe for those yummy looking lamb kebabs?! Thankyou!!

    PS. Been meaning to comment for a while as have been really enjoying your blog, I work in Kentish Town/Camden so keep meaning to try the places you've mentioned in KT!!

    1. Hi Nita, Thanks for your comment! Right, I've made the tart before with pesto and cherry tomatoes which was delicious. You can basically make it with anything you fancy, I'm sure a tomato based sauce would work well. I must admit that I bought the lamb kebabs from Waitrose, so much easier!! :-)

      Ahh I miss my days of working in Kentish Town, its getting so many nice shops now. Make sure you check out Chicken Shop and Dirty Burger which are just past the Forum. I'm trying Pizza East tomorrow which is part of the same group so I have high hopes!

    2. Thanks, will definitely give this a try. I went to Pizza East a few weeks ago actually! I thought there wasn't a great deal of choice in pizza variety (maybe just me being picky!) but they were delicious and the atmosphere was great -loud and buzzy. Enjoy it!x


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