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Thursday, 14 August 2014

Kayla Itsines

And so week 2 begins. After finishing our last session of week 1 on Thursday I actually felt a bit sad that we were done for the week (weirdo, I know!) but that didn’t spur me to get off my bum and do extra at the weekend!

So far there’s no bikini body….just elbow burns!

For the first 4 weeks of Kayla’s workout you need to do a lot of power walking (3 sessions of 45 mins). As I’m stuck in an office all day, I have really struggled to fit this in and would prefer to just run home to get it over and done with as quickly as possible.

So why walking instead of running??
Kayla explains the benefits of keeping up with the walking part of her plan:
“Fat requires oxygen in order to be used for energy. The lower the intensity of exercise, the more available oxygen your body has to be used to metabolise energy. In turn, you can see why sprinting burns the least fat per calorie. Sprinting is high intensity so fat is not as easily used for energy; therefore you will be using your other energy sources such as carbohydrates for energy.”

So basically, walking is a great fat burner and I need to keep it up! Weeks 5-9 increase the intensity of training to include sprinting and that’s when we’ll smash those calories too. Fun!

Catherine is being a trooper and training for a half marathon as well as completing Kayla’s plan (!!), so it’s been near impossible for her to fit in the walking too. Her tip of the week is to invest in some good running trainers as her shins are throbbing from the lack of support.

Kayla Itsines
Find these beauties here!

Two workouts in for the week and we were feeling exhausted. I have burns on my elbows from my terrible technique when doing a crazy exercise called “Commandos”, and have had to use all my determination not to have a little power nap under my desk at work.
Kayla Itsines

Diet-wise I've been naughty, especially after the sausage roll party but next week will be better!

I don’t feel like I’m really selling Kayla’s workout to you at the moment but hopefully by week 4 we’ll see some improvements to make the pain worthwhile!

Little London Girl x


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