Kayla's BBG - Week 9

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Warning: this is not a motivational exercise post!

So I admit I got bored of updating you on the Kayla Bikini Body Guide journey. This is mostly beause all I have to say each week is; "oh god, it's so hard", "nope, it doesn't get any easier", "still no abs!".

We've just finished week 9 and Kayla has really upped the ante with the final 4 weeks of the plan. My week looked liked this;
  • Monday:
    LISS training: 40mins cycle,
    Resistance: Circuits for 30 mins (Abs)

  • Tuesday:
    LISS training: 40mins cycle

  • Wednesday:
    LISS training: 40mins cycle,
    Resistance: Circuits for 30 mins (Arms),
    HIIT training (15 mins interval on treadmill)

  • Thursday:
    Resistance: Body Combat (instead of 3rd circuit)

  • Friday:
    LISS training: 40mins cycle,
    HIIT training (15 mins interval on treadmill)

  • Saturday:
    Resistance: Circuit training for 30 mins (Abs)

  • Sunday:Day of rest! 
Now I'm usually pretty active anyway but I think you will all agree this is insane!

Not only are we constantly at the gym but the workouts are so much harder and need a lot of equipment. On Wednesday I was flying solo at the gym and had to hog all this equipment to myself! 

We're hating it, I'm constantly knackered and hungry but we're so close to the end that we're not giving up now! 3 WEEKS TO GO!!

Little London Girl x


  1. I did Insanity after I came back from honeymoon, I got so bored of it and felt so tired. After doing it for about seven weeks I decided to take a break and go back to my old exercise routine....three pounds dropped off and I felt so much more energised. I think it's all about finding what really works for you!
    All the best,
    SilverSpoon London

  2. Oh really!? That's interesting! I won't be able to keep this level of intensity up so once the 12 weeks is done I think I'll go back to classes I love likte Body Combat instead. Then I won't have to drag myself to the gym with a grumpy face!! xx


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