Evans and Peel Detective Agency

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

"Please state your case”.

Evans and Peel Detective Agency

Are you in need of some professional help to solve a tricky problem? Then I know just the place for you.

This place is pretty hush hush so I’ve not included many photos as I don’t want to ruin the experience.

Evans and Peel Detective Agency
Hidden away behind an unassuming door in Earls Court is a very secret bar; the first challenge is even finding it then getting in is a whole other problem. Press the buzzer and await a response. Once inside you’ll need to state your case.

We had something along the lines of a missing pet elephant, called Mimi.

When your detective has enough information to get started on the case, they’ll lead you back in time to the prohibition era to drink cocktails whilst they start investigating.

Evans and Peel Detective Agency

The speak easy bar has a great vibe, albeit pretty dark and hot, with a great menu of cocktails and American style bar food. We ordered some bits to nibble on whilst Mimi's captive was being hunted down.

Evans and Peel Detective Agency
Pulled pork slider.

Evans and Peel Detective Agency
Chilli and cheese loaded fries.

Evans and Peel Detective Agency
Buffalo wings - not made from Buffalos surprisingly!

This venue is a perfect option for a first date as it’ll impress them and also give you the chance to do your own investigation into how fun they are! Go on, put them on the spot!

Evans and Peel Detective Agency

I went along on Lizbit's suggestion. She was funny and great at improvising so hopefully she'll take me on a second date. 

We never did find out what happened to Mimi so perhaps the detectives aren’t quite as good as the cocktails..

Litle London Girl x

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  1. ahh i've been looking at this place for ages - worth a visit then? http://thewanderlusthasgotme.blogspot.co.uk/2014/09/what-to-see-in-london.html


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