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Sunday, 21 September 2014

No, I’m not talking about Catherine, my loyal gym buddy; I’m talking about the best app ever invented. It’s basically a food diary with added benefits;

My Fitness Pal

Firstly it counts calories; you don’t even have to read the packaging, you can type in what you have eaten or scan a barcode and voila it’s done! There is a huge database behind the app which has pretty much every meal you’ll ever want recorded in there. It’s even got restaurant meals in it so you can keep track of everything you eat. No excuses! This really encourages you to make healthier choices as I had no idea some food was so naughty.

My Fitness Pal

Diet breakdown; at any point in the day you can look at the breakdown between carbs, fat and protein in your diet. This helps you to make choices based on a healthy balanced diet rather than think, like I used to…."well I’ll eat popcorn for dinner as 400 calories is the same as a dinner."

My Fitness Pal

Exercise earns you extra calories; what you set your target calories at is your choice depending on your goal but every time you add exercise into the app it gives you more calories for the day. Hooray! This can really motivate you to do exercise so you earn more calories, especially if you’ve got a dinner date planned.

My Fitness Pal

Records weight loss; there is a feature to record your weigh-ins so that you can see on a graph how far you’ve come. I don’t really use this feature as I’m not aiming to lose weight but it’s a great motivator if you are.

Community; my fitness pal app allows you to add your real life fitness pals so you can watch each others progress (it only reports on the good bits!) and be supportive!

My Fitness Pal

It’s all about losing or maintaining weight the healthy way, no fad diets or starving yourself. You just have to log what you eat, then if you are like me you’ll avoid eating those hobnobs as you don’t want your fitness pal to know – plus are they really worth the calories…..ok sometimes they are, yes!

This has really helped me whilst doing Kayla’s bikini body guide (now on week 7!) as I can see how much I’m eating and make sure it’s a balanced diet, which I’m clueless about. I’ve been feeling hungry constantly from all the workouts so now I can see how many calories I’ve gained from the workouts to make sure I’m fuelling my body properly.

Oh and did I mention…it’s completely free. 

Little London Girl x

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  1. I love My Fitness Pal, I lost 10 pounds using it!
    Lots of love
    SilverSpoon London


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