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Thursday, 2 October 2014

There’s not much better in life than a lazy morning followed by a spot of brunch. Claire hadn’t been to visit the new pad yet so on the promise of a tasty brunch spot she hopped on to the Victoria line and headed north to Highbury and Islington. She was greeted by thousands upon thousands of football fans. What a great way to start a brunch date.

Yes, my new neighbours are Arsenal. And a few weekends a month they can be a real pain in the butt, especially when someone comes to visit and there is literally nowhere to go that escapes the red and white stripes.

To kill some time before the game started we took a stroll around the area and I showed Claire the one place left untouched by the fans, Highbury Fields. We chatted blogging (check out Claire’s brilliant blog Bourbon and Mint), took some cheesy photos then when the chaos had died down I whipped her off to my slightly quieter neighbour, EZ and Moss.

EZ and Moss are a friendly, gluten free, vegetarian, neighbourhood café which offers everything you’d want from a brunch spot, apart from bacon I suppose! It puts hope in my heart that a transformation of Holloway Road is underway and we’ll soon have our own version of Upper Street on our doorstep.

All ingredients are fresh and colourful with food prepared in front of your eyes, in a makeshift kitchen behind the counter. Creature of habit that I am, if there’s avocado and chilli on a menu then that’s what I’m ordering. For an extra health boost I ordered an orange and carrot juice. It was refreshing and delicious with less sugar than your standard breakfast juice.

The décor of EZ and Moss is a bloggers dream so after 50 photos of our food, we eventually got stuck in. Happy faces all round.

So if you’re in the neighbourhood then why not drop in and grab a bite to eat. Just make sure our noisy neighbours are away that weekend!

Little London Girl x

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  1. This is fairly close to me! Might have to give it a go :) Loving the light bulb salt shaker, and the avocado on toast looks delish!


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