Monday, 6 October 2014

My London friendship group is made up of ex housemates, travel buddies, university friends and work pals. Sadly this list excludes my long time homies, from the Shire, who have never been tempted by the city lights, although I try to convince them constantly. So when I was contacted recently with an invite from an old friend I jumped at the chance to meet up. 

My old buddy, Sam, invited me along to see his band “Sam South” perform at the Monarch in Camden. I grabbed a couple of the girls and headed on down. We hadn’t seen each other in 12 years and felt very sad when discussing the twins that Sam used to help me babysit, as they are now at university! Which means we are officially old. But moving on……

Sam South

Sam South

Sam South, the "south" element being a shout out to Sam’s homeland South Africa, is surf pop at its finest. Sam leads the pack with his joint roles as lead singer / guitar wielding rock star supported by his equally talented band mates; 

Sam South

Oli on guitar,

Bjorn slapping da bass,
Alex on drums,
Liam on guitar and backing vocals,
and last but certainly not least.....

the lovely Laura making her debut with the band, on keys and backing vocals. 

Sam South

Ok so my skills at reviewing bands are limited, well non-existent really, but I can tell you as someone who loves live music that Sam South are bloody great. Upbeat and energetic, this is music to whack a smile straight across your face. Our feet were tapping uncontrollably and we wished it wasn’t a school night so we could slurp a few more wines and get our dancing shoes on.

Sam South

The pub was packed with a mixture of die hard fans (who knew all the words) and live music enthusiasts who gave the band loud and encouraging feedback after every track.

Sam South

Sam South

A great night was had by all. If NME are reading, then in my expert opinion, I’d give Sam South a double thumbs up!

Now get online and have a listen or better still go along to one of their gigs before they hit the big time and you have to pay £50 to barely see them at the 02!

Official website:
Sam South

Continuing with my mid week gigs, I’ll be heading down to Shepherds Bush tomorrow to see one of DG’s favourite bands, Manchester Orchestra. 

Wish me luck…..I hear they’re slightly heavier than Sam South!  

Little London Girl x


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