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Thursday, 4 December 2014

I don’t think there is anything that could shake me more frantically from the stupor of my blogging hiatus than the recent damning article for the Telegraph by Bryony Gordon to inform us that “London is over”. Well it’s only right that I dust off my laptop, and leap on my soap box shouting loud and proud to defend my beautiful, bustling, exciting city. I love London.
Love London
London is the heart of our country, the throbbing metropolis where anything goes. The mix of cultures, religions, crazies and trendies means that anyone can come to London and feel at home in an instant.
Bryony quotes Samuel Johnson who coined the phrase "tired of London, tired of life" stating that if our buddy Sam came to London now he’d be completely exhausted by the experience. I beg to differ, there’s a difference between being tired "of" London and tired "in" London. Us Londoners will admit temporary defeat and enjoy an occasional break from our hectic London lifestyles but that’s the consequence of the constant work hard, play hard culture that we live in.
There’s never enough hours in the day to enjoy all that London has to offer so we frantically grab that copy of Time Out on a Tuesday morning to hide in during our claustrophobic, sweaty commute and plan our week ahead which will be jam packed with new restaurants, art exhibitions, pop ups and general tom foolery. We can only blame ourselves for our exhaustion with our, to quote the kids FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) attitude. Why else would we pay £600+ a month for a room in a house share; we’re here to take full advantage of all the city has to offer.
Let’s be honest here, I’m not saying London is perfect, nowhere is, but I’d put myself out there and say it’s the best city in the world. Yes we know that the tube is a hot box to hell during rush hour, yes people are grumpy and yes, we sure as hell know it’s expensive. But still, isn’t it bloody brilliant!?
Bryony’s article states that the number of 30 something’s to wave farewell to our fine city is on the rise, also more concerningly  the numbers of youngsters choosing the yellow brick road to London town after school or university is being diverted to the apparently more appealing bright lights of cheaper cities such as Manchester, or Bristol.
The influx may be slowing but the masses will still descend on our beautiful city because there’s no denying that London has it all. If you need some convincing then I’ll give you a quick run-down: the best underground system in the world, free museums, Boris bikes, London Eye, pop ups, vast public parks, black cabs, the Thames, Tower Bridge, the Southbank, markets, 1000’s of restaurants to tantalise your taste buds, the Shard, West End Musicals, ice skating at Somerset House, London Marathon, Coffee shops, unlimited shopping, Buckingham Palace, music gigs every night of the week….I could go on.  
Now unless you are an old-timer who bought a London home in the 60’s for £30,000 then you know the fun is short lived and it’s inevitable that as soon as you have any plans of settling down, or buying a house bigger than a cupboard, then you’ll be loading up your street van and hot footing it out of London  for a house with a double garage and garden. And after all those years of wasting your money on London rent you’ll be grateful to finally have a home to call your own with neighbours who know your name. But when you are all cosied up on the sofa watching Dr Who by your fire, I’ll challenge you not to have a niggling feeling in the back of your mind that you’ll never again be able to grab a burrito at 11pm or have a free counselling session with your black cab driver.
This is the downfall of Bryony’s article; the majority of Londoners will come to a point where we are done with London which our 20 year old selves wouldn’t ever imagine. What I certainly won’t be doing is bad mouthing London on the way out but instead remembering the fun we had and making room for the fresh faced, energised graduates ready to take on the city.  Everyone should live in London once, love it or hate it, it’s certainly an experience.
Bryony, I categorically disagree, London is not over. It’s just getting started.
Little London Girl x


  1. Have you ever lived outside of London or even outside of England? I thought I never wanted to leave London. Then I decided to teach abroad for a year which easily turned into more. 4 years later and I haven't missed London at all and my life is so much more outdoorsy and energising. London can really drain you.

    1. Having lived in other cities and countries, I stand by point. London is for the young and energetic, then your time comes and it's likely you'll have to leave. Its bloody good fun whilst you are there though!

  2. Here here!!

    Charlotte xx

  3. not to mention a crucial aspect that many people leave out when they rant about London, civil liberties. London's cosmopolitan nature gives room for people all over the world to express themselves, which we often neglect as it's an aspect of humanity that is suppressed in other cities I've worked in all over the world.

  4. "the best underground system in the world..."
    WHAT? Have you ever visited another country?
    The New York's subway for example runs 24 hours, it's faster because it has express lines and it's so much cheaper (no zones and off-peak fare).

    1. Pros and cons my friend. NYC has a huge number of taxis for a reason! I found the subway pretty run down and intimidating. Wouldn't want to travel late at night on my own, London though I'd be happy to travel alone any time and when we get our 24 hour tube, I will.


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