Welcome Back Kayla

Friday, 30 January 2015

After the Christmas binge, I was desperate to get back on the fitness train and start living in trainers and lycra again. I decided that this was going to be the year that I take my fitness to its peak. I even joined the party poopers for dry January which shows some real dedication, although there has been a few slips along the way.

I’ve always been blessed in the world of metabolism and have been able to eat or drink pretty much whatever I want without needing to worry. But what people don’t warn you about is that this won’t last forever and eventually, as your body clock creeps towards 30, your metabolism starts to lose the fight against the constant Doritos and chips.
This means the beginning of tummy pouches of beige food and jiggly bum cheeks.

Welcome Back Kayla!

Kayla Itsines BBG
On 5th January, I joined Kayla’s army of 2 million girls across the world, and rewound to week 1 of Kayla’s Bikini Body Guide. I love Kayla, I couldn’t recommend her workouts more and on my last attempt I made it to week 18 (I think), before ruining it all with a holiday to Antigua and a month of Christmas festivities.
Hey! Holla bag
Gym bag available from Hey! Holla.

This time I’m determined to get toned, which is the big selling point of the plan for most girls. It’s all about #strongnotskinny. I lost my gym buddy on week 2 after Catherine snapped her wrist on the slopes so I’ve had to solider on, flying solo. I’m now on week 4 and there’s 8 more to go before the plan is complete. I’ve lost 1.5kg, feel the strongest I’ve ever been and am loving it. There’s even talk of signing up to a Triathlon!

Check back on the blog for progress updates and if I'm feeling brave maybe a photo! 

Kayla Itsines BBG
If you are doing Kayla, then let me know how you are doing, or ask any burning questions in the comments below. If you haven’t signed up yet then check out Kayla's Instagram account and when you see the transformation photos you'll be sold in 30 seconds.

If you are still not sure then why not download a free week of workouts here

Good luck ladies!
Little London Girl x

Berner's Tavern

Saturday, 24 January 2015

Meeting Sammy and Robert for lunch is always a treat. We’d planned an outing to Wild Game Co. on Charlotte Street on the request of burgers for Sammy and steak for me. Sadly when we got there it was closed for a private party. 

Time for Plan B, which we did not have! 

We meandered the streets aimlessly, popping in restaurants to check menus, and moving on to the next place. Robert suggested we head to Berner’s Tavern, so we crossed our fingers and off we went. Having lost the love and time for the blog recently, I was extremely pleased to have my camera in tow when the Berner’s Tavern turned out to look like this. 

A warm and cosy escape from a cold wintery day. 

Set within The London Edition Hotel, Jason Atherton has produced another fantastic restaurant in a rather fancy setting! 

We luckily managed to bag ourselves a table before the lunch time rush and happily pondered the menu. 

Berner's Tavern offers simple traditional fare, with everything we were craving….burger for Sammy, steak for me and wine for Robert!

Don’t be surprised if your dinner guests look like this....

...with a ceiling like this. 

The staff are the cream of the crop. They were charming, attentive and extremely friendly. No snooty waiters to be found here. Drinks were ordered and as I’m occasionally doing dry January, I stuck to the mocktails. 

Appley Ever After: Apple juice, seasonal syrup, lemon juice, mint and bitter lemon. 

The 2 lushes got stuck into the wine.

So on to the food. 

Potato and parsley soup, with black pudding and slow cooked Clarence court egg. There’s a whole show that goes with this soup. A bowl arrives with the egg and black pudding inside then the soup is poured over the top. 

Robert was very pleased with his choice. Not expecting the sandwiches to be big he ordered one of those too. 

Lobster and prawn roll with salad and fries. 

Sammy chose the aged Scottish beef burger, with cheese and bacon, caramelised onions, pickles and fries. She reports its the best burger she's ever had. 

Considering she's a bit burger obsessed, this could be considered the greatest moment in Jason Atherton's career. 

I chose the 9oz Bavette from Cumbria’s finest farmers, served with salad and béarnaise sauce. It was cooked to perfection and I would have happily eaten the whole steak without any sides. 

The sign of a good meal is silence around the table, you could just hear a slight “mmmmmmm” coming from us three. 

With only 15 minutes left until we needed to depart our comfy leather booth, we quickly ordered a couple of the desserts which were highly recommended by our waitress. 
She wasn’t wrong.

Spiced red wine figs, yoghurt, oat cake with Pedro Ximenez ice cream.

Dark chocolate tart with white chocolate ice cream and cookie crumble. 

We were well and truly stuffed! 

Make sure you book as there wasn't an empty table in the room when we left at 2pm. 

We had quick explore around the trendy hotel lobby then it was back out to a bright and breezy London Town. 

A beautiful setting and fantastic lunch from start to finish. Thank you Berner's Tavern, we will be back.

Little London Girl x

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