How to be the perfect bridesmaid

Friday, 6 March 2015

There comes a time in every girl's life when everyone you know will start getting hitched. 
For me, this time is now. 

And during all the celebration fizz and excited squeals, you might be lucky enough to hear a request to join the wedding party. I recently had this pleasure and was asked to be a bridesmaid.

Being a bridesmaid comes with many important duties, some of these you will be aware of. 
And some you will not. 

Do not worry though, here’s my guide to pulling off the role with charm, wit and class.

Swish the bride: your main job for the day is making sure the bride is happy and looks amazing. Wherever she goes, you go. Keep an eye on her and constantly sneak up behind her to swish her dress out so it looks perfect. You can have a little swish yourself if you fancy. 

Fill the dance floorWhen the DJ starts, you start. Even if the first dance hasn't happened, dance like no one is watching. Most weddings finish at 12pm so if you want a solid 5 hours of dancing then you need to start early. Grab random elderly relatives from the bar and force them to join in too. Once you've sucked them in, run off to collect another. Bonus points for getting the bride up. You claim that first dance for yourself. 

Catch the bouquet: if you haven't already got a ring on it (or even if you have), you are going to need to make sure one of the bridesmaids catches the bouquet. Shoes off. Arms wide. Be prepared to dive or pull hair if needed.

Only winning counts.

Entertain: once the DJ ends you need to step up and perform. Bring a small child's keyboard with you and sing Ed Sheeran songs or learn a dance to welcome guests from around the world. I focused on the Hakka and it went down very well. Cringe.

All of the above becomes easy after copious glasses of wine. Believe me. 

(Note: Please take my advice with a pinch of salt, unless your friends are amazingly chilled out this may result in ruined friendships, broken chairs or ripped dresses).

Congratulations Terna and Rob and thanks for encouraging my crazy!

Little London Girl x


  1. Cool, you are so amazing.

  2. This post definitely made me laugh! I will definitely bring a kiddie keyboard and start playing Ed Sheeran for everyone. That sounds like it would make the night!

    Rachael at

  3. Love this! I'm on bridesmaid duty twice this year (for my best friend in 2 weeks and for my little sister in September!) so I'll be sure to stick to your helpful guide :P I particularly love the bit about hitting the dancefloor!

    Love your blog, it's really cute! I'll give you a little follow on Bloglovin so I can keep up to date!

    Chloe x

    1. Thanks lovely, really appreciate the kind words!! :-) x


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